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Corporate Wellness Services

Our team of practitioners provide wellness experiences to corporate teams. Through our virtual workshops, employees learn how to practice mindfulness, cook healthier meals, and take movement breaks throughout the workday. With increased employee morale and energy, organizations experience greater productivity and reduced turnover

Leaders Know Wellness Equals Productivity in the Workplace

As teams transition back into the office, forward-thinking leaders want to know how they can reduce their employees’ anxieties while maintaining productivity.


Corporate teams that take part in our wellness sessions experience numerous benefits, including: 


  • Greater productivity and morale 

  • Attraction and retention of top talent 

  • Increased financial numbers at the end of the month

  • Decreased sick days 

  • Reduced drug and disability claims

  • Lower insurance costs 

  • Greater overall work satisfaction and a happier, more focused team


The research also shows wellness reaps results in the workplace: Of employers offering wellness programs, 67% saw an increase in employee satisfaction, 66% reported increased productivity, 63% experienced increased financial sustainability and growth, and 50% reported decreased absenteeism.¹

What We Offer: Wellness Experiences for Your Team

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Virtual Team Cooking

This virtual cooking experience will give your team ideas on how to prepare nutritious meals while creating community and enjoying a meal together.

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Employee Nutrition Consultation

Employees will receive a full nutritional and lifestyle analysis report to understand their current health status and define their unique wellness goals.

Cororate Welness Offerings

Declutter Your Mind

Your team will practice releasing anxiety and stress with a mindfulness-based cognitive therapist and certified Heart Math instructor.

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Group Health Coaching

Your team will learn how to optimize their health and productivity in these group sessions on stress management, boosting immunity, and more.

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Thrive & Resilience Workshop

Employees will learn how to balance their mental and emotional state so they can make clear decisions and navigate stress effectively. 

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Unlock Your Movement

Employees will unlock their movement with a Certified Yoga Instructor to think more clearly and get energized for the workday. 

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Schomberg Box

Encourage wellness in your team by sending them a Fresh Organic vegetable box, full of fresh, delicious produce grown organically at the Cavaleiro Farm. 

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Live Superfood Microgreens, straight from the farm to your home, along with care instructions so you can bring live green nutrients into your kitchen. 

Entrust Your Employees to the Right Wellness Team

ZeenatLife is a team of wellness practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing nutrition, mindfulness, and movement workshops to corporate teams. 


We’ve worked with companies like Salesforce, RBC, and DELL. And our clients have highlighted that our team is “very inspiring,” “quickly provides insights,” and “works hard to help others.” 


ZeenatLife achieves results with corporate teams through our unique approach:

  1. Employees take action during the session to develop their wellness practice right away.

  2. Employees experience team-building during the workshop, creating a better synergy that they then bring into their work. 

  3. Employees feel inspired to change with the guidance of our trained professionals who understand what motivates people intrinsically.


Finding the right partners to deliver results is critical to ensuring your team gets a practical and rich experience that makes an immediate impact.


Our simple, action-oriented teachings help employees to show up 100% in the workplace with better morale and energy, leading to increased productivity and retention of talent.

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Book your free 20-minute consultation to discuss how we can customize your team’s experience to boost employee wellness and workplace productivity.

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