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About ZeenatLife

Our team at ZeenatLife takes a holistic approach to help you achieve optimum wellness. Whether you’re a corporate team or an individual coaching client, our work with you is built on the same strong, evidence-based principles.  


We believe the higher your energy levels are, the more efficient your body is. 

When you are at your optimum, you are more likely to produce creative and outstanding work. 

High energy is obtained through 3 pillars:
Dietary wellness
Functional wellness
Lifestyle wellness

We integrate this foundational knowledge into all of our corporate team wellness experiences and individual coaching sessions to ensure you and/or your leadership team are prepared for the increasing demands on the mind and body during challenging times. 


We help people live mindfully, with purpose, and with joy by balancing the 3 pillars effectively.

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ZeenatLife is a team of wellness practitioners who provide individual and group coaching to professionals seeking to balance their work and personal lives.


Live Mindfully

Live with Purpose

Live with Joy

Our Team



Zeenat is an experienced people leader and Project Manager. A certified coach, nutritionist and a mindfulness expert bringing an integrated approach to help professionals achieve their goals. She is the founder of ZeenatLife providing personalized coaching.



Unlock your movement with Fatima, a Certified Yoga Instructor, and increase flexibility, think more clearly, stand straighter, and boost your energy.

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Cook with Jesse, a cheerful holistic nutritionist, author and recipe developer. She is a regular contributor to Clean Eating Magazine and appears as an expert on National TV in Canada.



Practice with a mindfulness-based cognitive therapist and certified Heart Math instructor to build clarity and move into a state of flow. Ummul educates and empowers with evidence-based tools to support the workplace. 



Learn the balance and synergy of life from Farmer Antonio as he practices this dance between himself, the farm members, animals, plants and the earth. Antonio is about abundance and care of people and the planet.

Our Team

Our Founder

Zeenat Chagani 
Certified Nutrition Practitioner
CNP Council of Canada
Our Founder

I believe in Your Success and can provide clarity on how to achieve it.


As an excitable, intuitive, optimistic, opinionated, and confident leader, I’m successful at rallying people through all sorts of difficulty or change. With two decades of leading people, I believe I can provide clear examples and clarity on how YOU can achieve success in all areas of your life.


I have been called the firestarter – so if you’re faced with stagnation or failure, schedule a session with me: I will partner with you to stimulate YOUR best ideas through our coaching conversations.


I will begin by asking, “What is the best thing to do?” I won’t be the person who makes change happen, but I will be the person energizing YOU to make the change. By paying attention to fine shadings of detail in your life, I will be able to offer insight to your unique situation and tailor them to YOUR needs. I will partner with you to find a better way, a better arrangement, and a better solution. The reason people seek my advice is because I am confident not only in my intuition but also my ultimate belief that YOU are creative, resourceful, and whole. Let me fuel your energy. 


As a certified project manager, I’m a practical and concrete thinker. I will provide you with steps and modules for your complex situation. I’m able to break them down by asking lots of questions and partnering with you on next steps and a detailed project plan for your life. 


Questions like "What will work?" lead my clients to solutions that haven't been tried before. I pride myself in trying new things, and I am not tied down to existing ways of doing things.


As a certified coach, I am an expert at providing insight. However, this is not above the insight you will provide into your own issues. I believe in YOU having the solutions. My strength is to be able to provide you with a useful perspective.  


If you are going through stagnation, call me. This question fascinates me when I’m talking to my clients. “How can I raise YOUR energy?” As an instinctively positive person, through my actions I can partner with you to elevate your energy to live a more joyful life. I can help you find humor and fun in your life. Can you remember the last time you felt that way? 


I’m not soft and gentle, but I will challenge you to unleash your own energy. At my core, I will be encouraging and rally behind you as you celebrate all the goodness that will come when you make the first move toward living mindfully, living with joy, and living with purpose. As your coach, let me illuminate your strengths and shine a light on your achievements. 

Zeenat Chagani

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