Our Employee Health Coaching program becomes an integral part of your overall employee development program. A company's investment in executive and employee well-being is a critical and vital part of the companies performance.

Our Three Steps: Intake, Analyse, Delivery

For each Employee, a full nutritional and lifestyle analysis is conducted to understand the current status of their health and to define the aggregated health and wellness goals of the organization. The confidential intake is distributed after an introductory session to engage the team and initiate the program. 


After health and wellness information is collected it is analyzed and prepared for presentation. 

Using the analyzed data, a comprehensive and unique program is curated and delivered, detailing diet, lifestyle, and other recommendations specific to the organization based on the health data aggregated in the intake process. Reporting is provided throughout and paired with program sessions to present results at key milestones.

Healthy Living Activities 

We have included a series of different healthy living activities for employees to partake in to further the success of the program. The activities include virtual and onsite cooking workshops, weekly workouts, weekly yoga and mindfullness sessions.


We know how critical reporting is to any project or program and that is why we offer a robust reporting service to the employees and in partnership with the program sponsor. We know that in order to understand program success key performance indicators should be in place at the start of the program and monitored throughout. Reports that include baseline vs milestone data such as current state of health of employees measured across multiple health metrics such as energy and stress levels.

Values Alignment

As a true partner we want to integrate our program seamlessly and effectively into your organization. We will blend the program goals and content into your value system. We achieve this by understanding your value system and then integrating various nutritional components of the program such as diet and lifestyle recommendations that would support your specific values.

Health and Wellness Coaching

Through this service I can help you achieve your goals by identifying your core strengths, and working with you to help create and implement long term plans for a wellness strategy. By focusing on behavioural changes and building your intrinsic motivation, these flexible and personalized programmes are guaranteed to help you get the most out of life. 

Nutrition Coaching

The journey to a life of sustainable health is incomplete without the right nutrition. Finding the right diet, and sticking with it long term can be challenging, and mindful eating often seems like impossible with our busy schedules. An expert who can help you make the right changes for your unique lifestyle and body while keeping you accountable can make all the difference. 

Integrated Coaching

The beauty of a highly personalized coaching programme is that it can be customised to suit your unique goals, personality and lifestyle. Whether you’re a working professional trying to stay on top of your career goals while spending more time with your family and getting fit; or you’ve realised you need to make a career transition, while struggling to manage your anxiety; perhaps you’re trying to land a senior role while keeping your diabetes check- we work with YOU in mind, to get you living your best life!