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The Metabolic Balance® Program

Shed the Weight & Enhance your Metabolism by eating foods unique to your body.

About the Program

Metabolic Balance is a nutrition program that is created just for you based on your blood chemistry, health concerns, and weight-loss goals. Your own physiology will determine how food is combined to optimize your wellness goals. The food selected on the plan will help to correct existing hormonal imbalances in your body which results in the acceleration of your metabolism.

What Results Can You Expect? 

When we eat food that is suited to our own body, healing can take place. Here is what happens when you complete the program: 

✔  Your sleep improves and you wake up well rested
✔ Your energy increases, which boosts your daily performance at work and home
✔ You gain strength and muscle mass
✔ You regulate your blood sugar levels
✔ You balance your acidity-alkaline ratio
✔ You achieve and maintain your desired weight
✔ You improve your overall quality of life

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What Does The Program Include?

The Metabolic Balance® Program includes

Lab testing 30+

Diagnostic tests to assess blood fasting glucose, cholesterol,

inflammation, liver enzymes and hormones.

8 Nutritional Rules

Our 8 Nutritional Rules are the cornerstone of the program.

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Phase 1 - Detox Phase
This phase begins with elimination and eating simple foods for two days to prepare the body for better absorption and improved digestion. This is a simple and gentle nutritional adjustment that restores digestion and promotes gut health.

Phase 2 - Customized Meal Plan

We create a customized meal plan based on your blood report and health history. This individualized plan addresses metabolism, hormones and nutritional deficiencies. Your personalized meal plan starts at this phase and continue for a minimum of 14 days. Energy Levels increase and Cravings decrease!

Relaxed Phase

Additional foods are added to your daily meal plan. Treat meals, and of course chocolate is included at this phase.

Maintenance Phase (Lifetime)

Once you reach your ideal and healthy weight, strategies and modifications are set-up to keep the weight off for good.


You did it! You used the guidelines of the program and you have now learned to eat intuitively and listen to the cues of your body to guide your food choices.

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