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Unlock Your Movement

Increase productivity at your organisation by encouraging an active office with our live virtual stretch and movement sessions. 

About The Program

Sitting at your desk for 8+ hours can result in a stiff neck, tight shoulders and a sore low back. Unlock your movement with a Certified Yoga Instructor and increase flexibility leaving you thinking clearly, standing straighter and full of energy.

We need to think about movement in more ways than just exercising at the end of the day. We know that sitting becomes a health risk when it exceeds more than 7 hrs a day. Without continuous movement the body and the brain stop working at its optimum - adding movement promotes blood flow and circulation and activates your muscles.

Interested in live virtual stretch and movement sessions for your team during the workday? Contact us for more information. These stretches and movement will open up your entire body and get your breath moving again.

(60 min session | Price Depending on Number of Participants)

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