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Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

So you want to feel healthier and good in your body...but sticking to a nutrition and wellness regimen feels impossible with your busy life and inconsistent motivation?

Stay accountable to your goals and experience your health transformations unfold faster with a Certified Nutritionist and Wellness Coach walking alongside you on your path.

With personalized, 1-on-1 support, you'll cultivate the intrinsic motivation, practical tools, and self-empowerment to integrate wellness practices that fit with your unique body and lifestyle. 

Are you struggling with low energy, low self-confidence, and unhealthy habits?

Have you been trying to overcome any of these challenges, only to end up feeling unmotivated and like nothing’s working?

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 • You want to lose weight and get physically fit, but you fell off track with your diet and workout routine. Again.


• You want to drop a bad habit, like smoking or binging on fast food, but keep giving into the cravings

• You want to feel purpose and drive, but don't know what to do with your life 

• You need better work-life balance but struggle to manage your time

• You’re navigating a major life change, like losing a loved one or welcoming a new baby, but feel alone and lacking in support

• You want to build your personal brand and take your business to the next level, but feel frozen with imposter syndrome


• You’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition and need to live a healthier lifestyle, but don’t know where to begin

Feel Energized, Healthy, and Purposeful in Life

Get the clarity and support you need to achieve your health, wellness, and career goals

With this coaching program, you will:

• Get clear about your goals and core strengths so your next steps are intentional and make sense for you


• Create and take action on a long-term wellness plan, with 1-on-1 support along the way 


• Unpack challenging situations to solve issues in digestible steps 


• Focus on changing not only your behaviour but also your intrinsic motivation for increased chance of success

• Get a highly personalized coaching program so it fits your unique goals, personality, and lifestyle. No cookie-cutter approaches here!

• Learn to be aware of and reflect on your physical and emotional states, so you can move towards a more creative and purposeful life


• Build foundational skills and practices that you can keep using long after our coaching work is done!

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What We Work On

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Your coaching program is completely customizable to your unique needs and goals. Some clients work only on nutrition, while others look at transforming several life areas. Coaching topics include:

• Nutrition 

• Health

• Wellness

• Mindfulness

• Movement

• Career

To discuss your specific needs and goals, click on the button below to book your free 20-minute consultation with me.


"Zeenat seems very knowledgeable and has practiced the tools and techniques that she talks about. Zeenat provided a lot of resources for me to work with. I feel like she was really enthusiastic to help me and picked up on the areas of concern really quickly on our first call. I really appreciated Zeenat’s words of encouragement and support, and I plan to action the items we discussed starting today, especially the meditation habit."

Iknoor Gill, Consultant 

Toronto, Ontario 

Why Work With Me?

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I’m Zeenat Chagani, the founder of ZeenatLife.


For two decades, I was a senior leader in the corporate world leading successful teams, setting and accomplishing goals, and driving consistent results. 


But after a few years, I found myself craving a deeper purpose in life. After developing eczema, I started experimenting with gluten-free and vegetarian diets to relieve the inflammation. I also began practicing yoga and meditation to feel calmer.


In 2014, I lost my 35-year-old sister to systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), a severe autoimmune condition that causes the body to attack itself. 


I wondered: "Why would your own body attack itself?" This one question led me to train over the next few years as a nutritionist and health and wellness coach. 


Since then, I’ve become passionate about helping others make positive nutrition and lifestyle changes, which can prevent and heal most chronic autoimmune conditions.

As a certified project manager and coach, I break down complex health and lifestyle problems into simple parts, so you as a client don’t feel overwhelmed when faced with a big goal.


I also provide tailored insights through paying attention to the fine shades of detail in your life and asking lots of practical questions. 


While my clients know me as a firestarter, I won’t be the person who makes change happen. I’ll be the person energizing YOU to transform into your best self.


Because I believe that you are already creative, resourceful, and whole. You might just need someone lovingly challenging you to unleash your own energy. That’s what I do for my clients and why I love this work!

What You’ll Get from this Coaching Program

When you work with me, here’s what you'll receive:


• Weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions to receive ongoing support and stay accountable to your goals (usually 1 hr/session via video call or in person)


• A comprehensive Nutri-Body assessment that analyzes a client's unique biochemistry with a fully detailed report and recommendations for improving your health (e.g., diet changes, supplements)

• You can call, text, or email me when you have questions, want some extra motivation, or need guidance (e.g., before/after an important meeting or conversation)

• Relevant links to recommended articles, podcasts, and books so you can keep learning outside of our calls

• Short, customized meditations to use when you can't fall asleep or need to de-stress

• We'll jump on the phone for 10 minutes during those low moments or to celebrate your BIG WINS!

• Most clients experience big changes within 6 weeks, but you might notice shifts as soon as 2 sessions.

Ready to Take the Next Step in Transforming Your Life?

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Experience the changes you want in your life faster and without doing it alone. 

When you work with me as your coach, you’ll move forward in life with:


• A clear idea of your goals and the plan to achieve them, so that you invest your time and energy on taking the most effective actions

• More intrinsic motivation, so you can push yourself to do “the work” even when you feel unmotivated and stuck

• Greater self-empowerment and self-love, so that you’re driven by what feels good and aligned for YOU versus what the world expects of you


• New skills, tools, and practices that last a lifetime, so that you’re still reaping the benefits long after our coaching sessions have come to an end


Still have more questions? I'm here to answer them. Just reach out at

  • What is a Nutri-Body assessment, and why do you do this with your clients?"
    A Complete Nutri-Body(R) assessment provides a targeted, comprehensive and reliable way of evaluating more than 60 nutritional imbalances, metabolic imbalances and other issues in order to build and maintain health by identifying the correct dietary supplements needed specifically for each individual.
  • I want to eat healthier. Where should I start?
    Start with whole, natural unprocessed foods. Whole foods are the best sources of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, soluble fiber, insoluble fiber, healthy fats, and protein. Eating whole foods promotes a healthy gut that results in healthy skin, a boost in energy and improved mental health. Nourishing your body with whole foods supports a healthy immune system and so much more.
  • Do I need to commit to a certain amount of time or number of sessions to work with you?
    You need to commit to 2 sessions The initial session consists of an intake form which is gathering detailed background information. You then have 48 hrs to complete the nutribody questionnaire online. At the follow up session We will provide a Nutri-Body assessment/ report. This 1 hr follow up appointment is an opportunity to discuss all of your results and recommendations as well as allow you time to ask whatever questions you may have. If you like what we’re offering, you’re welcome to then sign up for the weekly coaching program. Most clients sign up for 6 weeks at $90 per session.
  • I’m not sure if I need your services. Can I ask you a few questions first to see if it’s the right fit?
    Yes, I offer free 20-minute consultations just for that purpose! Book your free call here and let’s chat about what you’d like to get support on.
  • What are the benefits of signing up for the 6 week coaching sessions?
    Reduced stress Increased clarity Increased Energy Improved sense of well being and mood Increased immunity Improved sleep Decreased anxiety Increased nervous system function
  • Can you provide vegetarian or vegan meal plans?
    Yes, customized plans can be provided.
  • How much does your coaching services cost?
    A full Nutri-Body assessment is $150. Following that, 60-minute coaching sessions are billed at $90 The metabolic balance program costs $999 plus tax and includes blood lab analysis, a custom meal plan, and five 1-on-1 coaching sessions.
  • Does health insurance cover the cost of a nutritionist?
    Yes, some plans provide health and wellness coverage – check with your provider.
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