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Thrive & Resilience Workshop

Our Thrive and Resilience Workshop will teach employees how to balance their mental and emotional state so they can respond effectively to their external environment. 

What Results Can You Expect? 

With the guidance of our mindfulness-based cognitive therapist and certified Heart Math Resilience Coach, employees will learn:


  • About the science behind the benefits of leading from the heart 

  • How to navigate stressful situations with compassion and confidence

  • How to make decisions with mental clarity and an emotionally balanced state

  • How to shift gears from activated stress inducing reactive states to responsive states

How Does It Work?

In this 90 minute session, including a guided 20-minute experiential session, employees get to put their learnings into practice right away.

Move from a sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight state) to a parasympathetic (rest and digest state) and gain more clarity and creativity for your workday,

(60 minute session / $650 CAD)

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