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Welcome to ZeenatLife

Let’s create a tailored wellness experience for your team 

Corporate Wellness Experiences

The health of your organization depends on the health of your workforce

As a leader, how do you create synergy within your team when they’re working longer hours, isolated, and burnt out?

Schedule a mindfulness or nutrition workshop for your team to boost employee morale and workplace productivity.

Our Clients


Coaching Services

We also provide 1-on-1 coaching to help individuals improve their eating habits, fitness, and career opportunities
Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

A life of sustained health can’t happen without the right nutrition and wellness routine.

Work with a certified nutritionist and coach to make the right changes for your unique lifestyle and body while staying accountable to your goals.

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Metabolic Balance Coaching

Metabolic Balance is a nutrition program created for your unique physiology and weight-loss goals. With a certified coach’s help, you can succeed in this program and experience increased energy, enhanced metabolism, and improved overall quality of life.

Our Team

ZeenatLife is a team of wellness practitioners who provide nutrition and mindfulness experiences to corporate teams.

Founder, Nutritionist & Wellness Coach 

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Chef & Nutritionist


Mindfulness Expert


"Zeenat is an impactful nutrition coach who not only teaches me about health and diet, but also about wellness on an emotional, spiritual, and relational level. She also clearly knows what she's talking about when it comes to food, nutrition, and mindfulness and provides great resources outside of our sessions so I can continue my work. I would highly recommend Zeenat to anyone looking to improve not only their physical health and diet, but also their mental and emotional wellness."

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Janice Ho,

Freelance Editor, Marketing & Communications Consultant

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