The life changing effects of Mindfulness






The Compelling Evidence of the Benefits of Mindfulness

Harvard scientists have come up with evidence that the mere act of clearing your mind for 15 minutes each day actually alters how your genes operate.

new study indicates that people who meditated over an eight-week period had a striking change in the expression of 172 genes that regulate inflammation, circadian rhythms and glucose metabolism. That, in turn, was linked to a meaningful decrease in their blood pressure.

One of the most important areas of research has been around the use of Mindfulness within the treatment of long-term physical health conditions. A review of 114 studies in the context of poor physical health found consistent improvements in mental health and wellbeing, particularly reduced stress, anxiety and depression where a mindfulness-based intervention is used.

Mindfulness and Mental Wellness

A recent randomized waitlist control trial (RCT) by the University of Surrey, School of Psychology evaluated the effect of an online Be Mindful course on depression, anxiety and perceived stress. Results published in the Journal ‘Mindfulness’ in May 2018 showed that participants who completed the course reported significantly lower levels of perceived stress, depression and anxiety. Be Mindful course completers enjoyed 

  • A 63% decrease in depression

  • A 58% reduction in anxiety

  • A 40% reduction in perceived stress

These effects were also maintained at the 3- & 6-month follow-up.  

An RCT from the University of Surrey (published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology) showed significant average reductions in work-related rumination, chronic fatigue and improvements in sleep quality for completers of the Be Mindful online course

  • A 25% decrease in rumination

  • A 26% reduction in fatigue

  • A 33% improved sleep quality

Your Guide to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the one practice that will reduce the level of stress and anxiety in your daily life  It’s a process of bringing attention to the present moment through various techniques. One of the most popular mindfulness techniques providing immediate results is meditation.

For those of you that don’t have the time,  let me assure you meditation will change  your outlook on life. Over time you will notice how much control you have over your LIFE experiences. 

Step 1 - find a quiet space where you can relax , sit in a comfortable position 
Step 2 - be aware and pay attention to your breathing simply inhale and exhale 
Step 3 - observe your inner chatter  do not judge
Step 4 - after 15 minutes you can leave your mat but before you do spend 5 mins reflecting on your thoughts and express gratitude for the positive moments in your life 

When You Can't Meditate

Several of my clients have told me they have trouble meditating- but the core of mindfulness is finding your way to stay connected to the present. If meditation does not work for you, here are other options you can try: 

  • Take a walk in nature​

  • Use a guided meditation on YouTube, or download a meditation app- headspace is a great option!

  • Journal- try writing down whatever is on your mind or keep a gratitude journal

The key to mindfulness is to stop dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, and to be truly present. 

If you would like a deeper experience of mindfulness and its benefits, I would be happy to help you develop a mindfulness practice tailor-made to your lifestyle and personality.