Virtual Holiday Cooking Experience

Bring your team together for an unforgettable live virtual cooking experience this holiday season.


How is Your Team Celebrating the Holidays?

Book a virtual cooking session with a trained chef for your holiday team-building event. We’ll send you the finest ingredients for you to create delicious recipes, all while having fun with your team from the comfort of your own kitchens. It’s like the warm hug we all need to feel connected during this time.

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November 2021

Book early before the holiday busyness hits

December 2021

Celebrate the season with delicious treats

January 2022

Beat the post-holiday blues

What's On The Menu?

Choose which menu option your team will love the most!

Peanut Butter Brownies.png

Ginger chicken + peanut butter brownie

This dish is one that will be on repeat in your home kitchen! You’ll learn how to make a Ginger Orange chicken and use ginger as an immune booster. Plus, you’ll get your heart-healthy fats with a classic chocolate and peanut butter brownie treat – oh so good! 


Hot chocolate + orange chocolate bark

These tasty treats are loaded with antioxidants that help you fight off exhaustion, insomnia, and aging. Also improves memory! Plus, the cacao

in dark chocolate helps with blood flow to the brain, while phenethylamine boosts our “happy hormone.” 


Roasted pumpkin tacos + paloma cocktail

This spin on the classic taco is not only delicious, it also promotes heart and skin health. Pumpkins are loaded with antioxidants and an immune booster. These tacos also come with black beans or beef. Paired with a delicious paloma cocktail. Sit back and enjoy!


How Does It Work?

  • Before the class, we’ll send each of your team members a complete package of all the ingredients directly to their home. Premium ingredients are provided for the experience with some leftovers for your pantry!

  • When it’s time for the virtual gathering, your team will meet live via Zoom for ~1 hour. You’ll learn how to make the recipes, guided by our trained chef and nutritionist Jesse. 

  • Your team is welcome to ask any questions during the session. Jesse will also provide tips on healthy eating and how to prepare the food throughout the session.

  • These virtual sessions are a great opportunity for your team to have fun together while creating a delicious meal/treats from the comfort of your own homes. 

  • You’ll also be able to network with your team members – an invaluable opportunity to build rapport after months of social distancing!


Let's Talk

Book your free 20 minute consultation to discuss how we can customize your event (menu, duration, and dates) to boost engagement and connection with your virtual teams.

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